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To calculate how many camels you are worth or to know how many camels your girlfriend or boyfriend is worth, you should only to choose one of the calculators below.

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How many camels is your boyfriend worth?

how many camels is your boyfriend worth

How many camels is your girlfriend worth?

how many camels is your girlfriend worth

There is an opinion that camels are the same measure as currency or, for example, goods. In “camels” you can value anything, even people according to the old customs of some Middle Eastern countries.

How many camels am I worth?

If you are interested in calculating how many camels you are worth, just use our calculator. This tool will take into account all the criteria that you meet and show the result. By the same principle, you can calculate:

  • How many camels is your girlfriend worth?
  • How many camels is your boyfriend worth?

Basically, the physical parameters of a person are taken into account, but personal qualities are also important.

How to use this camel calculator?

The camel calculator is a kind of entertaining quiz that is available for anyone. Choose a gender and give answers to all questions to calculate how many camels your girlfriend/boyfriend could be worth, or you’d be.

What does the result mean?

When the camel calculator gives you the answer, you will know how much you “cost” in camels. It is difficult to say how much it is in monetary terms, since the cost of one camel can vary from several thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Anyway it would be very funny.

You should be aware that this calculator is for entertainment purposes only. The real value of a person is invaluable, and in the context of history, it strongly depends on the exact location of the person and the specific historical period. Have fun!

Camel calculators for everybody

For you

For cases when you would like to know the personal result.

For girlfriend & boyfriend

For couples which test each other to get a result and be better for each other.

For friends

Just for fun when you argue which of your friends is cooler.

camel calculator

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